Caro London

Gift Set 'Jess'


Give your special someone of our lovely sets. This one contains a pair of our lovely soft, Alpaca Bed Socks in Natural Grey and Four Leaf print waterproof Gondola Cosmetic bag tied together with ribbon and wrapped in tissue.

Cosy up in our softest British Alpaca socks - just the ticket for keeping your feet warm and toasty on a chilly night. Similar to sheep's wool, alpaca is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Sock Content 90% Alpaca wool, 10% Nylon. One size Ladies 4-7.

Our practical waterproofed make up bags with waterproof linings will fit all the make up you need. Gondola is a long make up bag to fit your cosmetic brushes in a beautiful soft green and pink print.

Make up Bag: Made from 100% cotton with white nylon water resistant lining.

Bed Socks: Made from 90% Alpaca Wool and 10% Nylon.